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Baby and Child First Aid Course in Brisbane Provided by Kids First Aid

Caring for a baby is a huge responsibility. Part of your role as a parent or caregiver is to keep that child safe and protected. While it is always possible for accidents to happen, there are steps that you can take now to learn techniques that could potentially save a baby’s life.

The trained professionals at Kids First Aid provide you with the knowledge you need in an emergency through our baby first aid course in Brisbane.

The Benefits of Taking a Baby First Aid Course in Brisbane

The first skill that our baby first aid course teaches is the ability to assess the situation. When a child is young, they are still learning the right way to chew and swallow food. It is very common that they cough or even gag while they are eating. This does not necessarily mean that they are chocking. There is a possibility that the baby’s airway is only partially blocked which does not require CPR and coughing is the most effective remedy to clear the obstruction. Our baby and child, first aid class, teaches you the signs you need to look for to determine if their airway is blocked.

A sure-fire way to tell if a baby is choking is if they are unable to make any noise or cry. In this situation, coughing will not make a difference and baby first aid is needed. Other clear signs of a baby not breathing include their skin turning blue or bright red, fingernails or lips turning blue, and unconsciousness.

A vital detail to keep in mind is not to try to remove the obstruction with your fingers. This could result in the object going further down the baby’s throat or could cause internal damage to the throat. If your child is not breathing, your first course of action should be to call for an ambulance.

It’s important to remember that the actual CPR technique will change depending on the baby’s age. Children that are less than a year old need to be in a particular position when you are trying to remove a blockage. Our course will teach you the proper approach for each age group to ensure that you do not harm the baby any further during the process.

Trusted Baby First Aid Experience

With over ten years of experience is baby first aid course in Brisbane, we understand the value of our courses for any person that interacts with children. Our classes are taught by paramedics and experienced presenters that share the personal, hands-on skill you need to know for most common emergencies. We also cover the best course of treatment if your child is burned, poisoned, or breaks a bone. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to provide for your child immediately while emergency professionals are on their way.

For more information about our baby first aid course, please call us on 1300 138 133 or use our contact page to send us an enquiry.