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Infant and Baby First Aid Course for Melbourne Parents and Caregivers

Bringing a newborn home is an exciting time for new parents. Gazing at that new being brings endless hours of joy along with dirty diapers and sleepless nights. New parents are anxious caring for this new life. When an emergency happens their first instinct is to panic and call for help. Knowing what they can do in the crucial minutes waiting for help to arrive could mean the difference between life and death. Kids First Aid offers a basic first aid course for infants to Melbourne’s new parents and caregivers. Providing current techniques and procedures, our experienced paramedics educate parents and caregivers how to administer basic first aid that can result in a positive outcome.

Common Medical Emergencies

Most medical emergencies involve breathing issues. Knowing how to provide proper CPR care to a baby who has stopped breathing is vital to keep the baby alive while waiting for emergency personnel. An unexpected bite or sting from an animal or insect requires specialized treatment especially if there is bleeding or an allergic reaction resulting in anaphylaxis. Babies love to put things in their mouths which can lead to choking. Knowing the proper technique to dislodge an object to restore breathing is essential for a positive outcome. Accidental poisonings and burns require knowledge that will assist emergency responders upon arrival. Taking a baby first aid course is essential for parents and caregivers in Melbourne to ensure their child’s recovery.

Experienced Paramedics Provide Infant First Aid Course for Melbourne Parents and Caregivers

Katie and Ben Fisher have over 30 years combined experience as paramedics. They are also parents to 3 children. They understand the panic that ensues when a child suddenly falls ill or incurs an injury. They’ve seen first-hand how basic first aid provided by parents could have resulted in a positive outcome for sick or injured infants. Together with Katie’s sister Jen Douneen, they have developed a 3-hour basic first aid course to instruct new parents how to handle emergency situations. Experienced paramedics teach all our courses to ensure current procedures and techniques are taught.

Multiple Course Options Available

Melbourne parents can learn life saving techniques from our basic first aid course in the comfort of their home. Our trained professional paramedics come to your home and deliver life saving tips and techniques that all parents and caregivers can utilize in an emergency. We offer group trainings, so everyone involved in an infant’s care are prepared. We come to your home, office, or club. We also offer an online course for those in remote areas where emergency response is delayed due to location. The reference materials are always available for review and ensure you have the knowledge to provide basic first aid.

Being a new parent is overwhelming. Knowing what to do in an emergency will provide some comfort. Contact Kids First Aid for more information on our infant first aid course for Melbourne parents. It will be time and money well spent for your baby’s future.