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Basic First Aid Course for Infants in Sydney

Nothing is more alarming for a parent than when their child is ill or injured. While waiting for paramedics to arrive parents are panicked and unsure what to do for their child. Kids First Aid provides training for basic first aid for infants to prepare parents for medical emergencies. Possessing basic first aid knowledge leads to better outcomes. Being prepared for emergencies involving infants removes the panic and provides quality care in those crucial first moments before emergency responders arrive. Every parent and caregiver will benefit from our course ensuring the infants in their care will receive appropriate first aid.

Training for most Life-Threatening Emergencies

When an infant falls seriously ill or sustains an injury, they are unable to communicate their distress other than crying. The majority of life-threatening emergencies involving infants require CPR (not breathing, drowning, and choking), animal and insect bites and stings, anaphylaxis brought on by allergies, accidental poisoning and burns, broken bones and bleeding, seizures, and high fevers, and meningococcal. Possessing the skills to evaluate your infant and provide basic first aid before paramedics arrive offers enhanced odds for recovery.

We Provide Infant First Aid Courses for Parents and Caregivers in Sydney

Our first aid course is taught exclusively by experienced paramedics who are parents themselves to provide crucial lifesaving instruction. Their first responder experience is instrumental to course content. Our 3-hour course can be taught in the comfort of your home demonstrating current life-saving procedures. We also offer group classes to ensure everyone involved with infant care is prepared for emergencies. We come to your home, business or club instructing all attendees in the correct emergency procedures. Our convenient online course for those in remote areas of Australia offers the same lifesaving information that you can use as a future reference.

Experience you can Trust

Kids First Aid was started by Ben and Katie Fisher, paramedics with over 30 years of combined experience. Arriving on the scene of an emergency, they saw first hand how crucial basic first aid could have resulted in a positive outcome. In addition to being paramedics, they are parents to three children of their own. They understand the panic parents feel when faced with an emergency involving an infant. Offering to teach parents and caregivers basic first aid for infants was an obvious next step for this couple. Jen Douneen, Katie’s sister, helped get the business running to provide vital life-saving techniques to parents and caregivers throughout Australia.

Having the knowledge and skills to keep your child stable while waiting for emergency personnel will make an immense difference. New parents are especially vulnerable to panic when their infant stops breathing or falls seriously ill. Parents in Sydney will gain valuable life-saving information from our infant first aid course. Contact us for more information or to schedule training in your home or business. Our course provides training that will keep you calm and focused in an emergency offering potential positive outcomes for your child.