Paramedics Launch ‘Mission One Million’ to Teach Australian Parents How to Save their Children in an Emergency!

National Kids First Aid Awareness Week
(October 14- 20, 2013)

This summer, paramedics behind the national organization Kids First Aid ( are sounding the alarm to make sure parents know what to do if their child suffers a medical emergency.  Kids First Aid’s Mission One Million campaign marks the launch of the first Australian National Kids First Aid Awareness Week, October 14 to 20 to teach one million parents, grandparents and babysitters how to rush to the rescue of their children.  Summer presents the most danger with asthma attacks and respiratory incidences resulting from bush fires. As outdoor activities increase, drownings, burns, insect and snake bites, chokings and serious falls are also on the rise.  What a parent does in the first critical moments after the emergency happens can make all the difference to their child’s life and recovery.

Studies show that while Aussie parents are world leaders at keeping their children sun safe, eight out of ten parents do not know how to keep them safe in a medical emergency, resulting in over 600,000 children being hospitalised every year.

“All parents teach their kids safety tips for crossing the street or riding a bike, yet most parents don’t learn the most important life-saving tips that help can save their children when serious accidents happen,” says Intensive Care Paramedic Ben Fisher, Co-Founder of Kids First Aid, which provides first-air training designed and taught only by paramedics.  “When we come into a scene, we immediately know if the people have first aid knowledge or not.  We’ve seen far too many tragic situations that could have been avoided if only the parent or carer had known what to do, and it haunts us.  People who know the right thing to do act automatically– without thinking. Those who don’t, freeze in helplessness and terror or do the wrong thing.”

Kids First Aid is a unique get-right-to-it 3-hour course that teaches people the actions paramedics need them to take when faced with children’s 10 most common medical emergencies – and how to do so, calmly and confidently.

“We don’t teach our tips from theory, but from our personal in-the-field experience so parents are exposed to the realities of what can happen.  We live what we teach and de-bunk many of the most familiar remedies,” adds Ben.  “As practising paramedics, we’re out there everyday in the most stressful of situations so we know first-hand what needs to be done, quickly and calmly. Proper first aid care must be basic knowledge for anyone spending time with a child, it just has to be!”

Kids First Aid has scores of grateful letters from very relieved parents whom when something happened, knew exactly what to do.  To date 18,000 parents have learned to sing along to “Staying Alive” as they practice CPR, how to stop a child from choking and what to do for burns, bites, poisonings, allergic reactions and falls.  They also learn preventative care, in the home and outside, to reduce the incidences of accidents.  The course is taught in a fun, engaging way with real-life stories from the paramedics’ years of riding ambulances, that reinforce the learnings and makes a very scary subject accessible and the teachings memorable.

Kids First Aid courses are taught in major cities across Australia.  The cost is pp (plus GST), with reductions depending on number of places booked.  Classes are restricted to 30 people to allow for personal training and questions.  For the closest class, visit

To mark National Kids First Aid Awareness Week, Kids First Aid is sending out top tips on common children emergencies to family and parenting associations across the country.

“We have 982,000 parents to go.  Then we’ll work on the next million!” says Ben with confidence.  “We want to save all the kids all across Australia!”