Australian FluTracking

Have you joined the Australian FluTracking project yet?

FluTracking is a simple online survey that takes less than 10 seconds to complete each week. The main aims of FluTracking are to develop a system that can provide:

  1. Community level, influenza-like illness surveillance;
  2. Consistent surveillance of influenza activity across all jurisdictions; and,
  3. Year-to-year comparison of the timing, attack rates, and seriousness of influenza in the community.

A bit of history

FluTracking is a long-term study which kicked off in 2006 as a combined research initiative of the Hunter Medical Research Institute, the University of Newcastle, and HNE Health and it has since expanded its reach to include New Zealand. This surveillance system harnesses the power of the internet and community spirit for monitoring influenza. By taking part, you’ll not only be contributing to scientific research, you will be helping to track influenza in your local community and across two nations which informs government responses to areas of need – as per the most recent map below. The interactive maps on the website and mobile app allow us to identify hotspots (quite literally!) in our local regions where the flu virus appears to be most active. You can check your own neighbourhood now.

As a community, we can also see trends over past years so that we can anticipate the more troublesome months and increase our precautions to avoid the virus – such as more thorough hand washing and drying – at those peak times.

How confidential are my details?

All information you provide will be kept confidential. The information you provide will be stored on password protected databases and your personal email address will be kept in a separate file to the health information you provide to us. The information will be kept for the duration required under the State Records Act.