Treating bites and cuts on your child’s lip or tongue

Any parent who’s cared for a child after an injury to the tongue or lip can testify that it can be a confronting experience for everyone involved. Injuries to the lip and tongue tend to be common, occurring often during playground knocks and falls, through sporting activity, or just general childhood play. They can also […]

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Free DRSABC First Aid Poster

Here’s another potentially lifesaving resource for you and your family – put together by our team of trained paramedics. Click HERE to get your copy of the Dr’s ABC poster for FREE It’s a first aid poster focused on the simple process for handling any emergency situation confidently and calmly. The six step process is […]

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Four Parenting Surprises You Won’t Understand Until You’re a Parent

Everyone knows that when you have a baby, you’re going to be exhausted!  If children came with instruction manuals, there would be a “may cause drowsiness” or “don’t operate heavy machinery while parenting” sticker on the front cover.   But we endure, we press on, our hearts full of boundless love.  Being a parent is […]

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How To Safeguard Your Child From Falls

Children of all ages are prone to falling over. When first starting to walk, toddlers are unbalanced and unsure of their footing. In their teenage years, rapid growth spurts make for awkwardness. Between, stray laces and a lack of fear make for some spectacular tumbles. Children develop quickly. One day they can hardly crawl, the […]

The Menace of Medicines in the Home

Here in Australia we tend to associate poisoning with jellyfish stings, snakes, and spiders. But there’s something way more dangerous – and potentially deadly – lurking in the average household cupboard: medicines. Children are most at risk from accidental poisoning in the home, and those under 5 are in the highest risk category. How do […]

Avoid Bath Time Danger and Keep Your Child Safe

Bath time is one of the happiest moments with a baby. A few minutes of fun and baby giggles, never mind the cuddles afterwards. Unhappily, the bath is one of the most dangerous places for your baby, toddler, or young child. Every bath time brings two main dangers: drowning and scalding. Before bath time Rule […]

Don’t Let Your Child Become A Statistic – Accident-Proof Your Home

We all like to think that when we’re at home we’re in the safest place possible, but statistics just don’t back this up. According to data from Allianz, 33% of all accidents occur in the home, and the home is the second most likely place that someone will suffer an accidental death (after roads). We […]