How do you know if your baby has been poisioned?

The most common poisons relating to babies and children are items commonly found around the household like: Alcohol Cleaners Bleaches Medications How signs of poisoning present Most poisons present with one or two typical symptoms. The most common is nausea and vomiting. Vomiting occurs because the baby understands very quickly that the substance they’ve just […]

How To Safeguard Your Child From Falls

Children of all ages are prone to falling over. When first starting to walk, toddlers are unbalanced and unsure of their footing. In their teenage years, rapid growth spurts make for awkwardness. Between, stray laces and a lack of fear make for some spectacular tumbles. Children develop quickly. One day they can hardly crawl, the […]

The Menace of Medicines in the Home

Here in Australia we tend to associate poisoning with jellyfish stings, snakes, and spiders. But there’s something way more dangerous – and potentially deadly – lurking in the average household cupboard: medicines. Children are most at risk from accidental poisoning in the home, and those under 5 are in the highest risk category. How do […]

5 of the Most Common Emergency Situations Involving Children and How to Respond

1. Falls are one the most common emergency situations paramedics see involving children. The effects of falls can range from bleeding and abrasions (which are usually easily managed by a parent with a first aid kit) to sprains/fractures and head injuries. Head injuries from a fall are most likely to be minor but it is […]

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Spotting and Treating an Allergic Reaction

Allergies are on the increase, with one in three Australians estimated to have one or more. Foods are the most common substances to which people are allergic, with nuts, eggs, and dairy products high on the list of allergens (substances which cause an allergic reaction). In the most severe allergic reactions, your child could suffer […]

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Babies: the Pleasure and Pain

No matter how many good parenting guides have been read, a new mother and father will always feel they have no idea about how to look after their recently delivered baby. Babies tend to cry, eat, and sleep. They are wonderful bundles of joy, but sometimes difficult to cope with in the early stages. Imagine […]

Kids Choking: not a gag, and certainly not funny

Gagging is often mistaken for choking, but, while they may be similar, choking is a symptom of possible life endangerment while gagging is a natural body reflex reaction. If you understand the difference between the two, you’ll always take the right action. Is it gagging or choking? Babies gag on milk (even when breastfed), and […]

What To Do If You Think Your Child Has Fractured A Bone

With kids, it’s often hard to tell the serious accidents from the not-so-serious accidents. Unfortunately, one of the more common serious injuries that kids suffer is a broken bone, with the most common being an arm or wrist, as  the natural instinct when falling is to extend an arm to break the fall. When a […]

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