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Training and Important Skills Presented in Our Childcare First Aid Course

An emergency is scary for anyone involved. If a hurt child is part of the equation, your fear and anxiety escalate quickly. Knowing what to do in this type of environment could provide much comfort to yourself and the child. Our first aid training in childcare gives you a detailed explanation of the steps you should take to help.

First Aid Training in Childcare Anywhere

Accidents happen without warning, especially with children. One of the most common child-related medical emergencies is choking. Choking typically takes place because they are having difficulty swallowing a large piece of food or they have put something in their mouth that shouldn’t be there, for example, a toy. Specific steps must be taken to successfully perform CPR on a child as the procedure is not the same as adult CPR. Our course teaches you the proper course of action.

Children are naturally curious about their surroundings. Their first instinct is to touch first and figure out the rest later. Unfortunately, this can lead to dangerous injuries. As a caregiver, you do your best to safeguard against something like this happening, but it only takes a moment for a little one to sneak into the kitchen and touch a hot pot or to slip and fall.

A primary benefit of taking childcare first aid training class is that you learn skills that you can use everywhere. We give you the training you need to be confident in an emergency whether you are in the comfort of your own home or out shopping with your family. While it is always essential to dial for an ambulance immediately, you can provide immediate aid that could save a life.

Improved Rate of Survival

The leading reason to take our childcare first aid course is that there is an increased chance of survival for the victim. The first minutes after an incident happens is the most critical time for administering first aid. Our childcare first aid training teaches you how to assess the situation and provide medical treatment while emergency services are called. We show you the techniques for scenarios including when a child is choking, burned, or cut. You receive first-hand knowledge from trained paramedics who have dealt with the same kind of life-threatening circumstances.

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Our childcare first aid course is available to any member of your family or child caregiver. The class is approximately three hours long and can be taken at a range of locations throughout Australia. We offer the flexibility to choose from public or private sessions depending on the number of people in your group. Our team focuses on teaching you the skills you need to respond to common household emergencies that require immediate care in the interim of professional medical response.

To book your session or to learn more about our first aid training in childcare options, please call us on 1300 138 133 or visit our contact page to let us know more about your course interests.