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What You’ll Learn During Baby and Childrens First Aid Training

As a parent, the safety and well-being of your young child or baby is your primary concern, which is what makes childrens first aid training so useful. While the chances of you having to administer first aid are relatively slim, being prepared for any situation is always an asset. Kid’s first aid training teaches you what to do in those crucial moments before the ambulance arrives. You never know–such training could end up being a lifesaver.

At Kids First Aid, we offer childrens first aid training in every Australian state capital and major city, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. All of our courses are delivered by fully-qualified paramedics who have an in-depth understanding of what’s required to help children in emergencies before they reach the hospital. If you live in a remote area, we offer online courses with lifetime access. You can also share your knowledge and our materials with family, friends, and colleagues.

Below, we discuss what you can expect from our kids first aid training course. If you have any questions or want to enrol on a course near you, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 138 133.

Kid’s First Aid Training: What’s Included

You don’t need to be a qualified healthcare professional to save a child’s life. Knowing how to respond to an emergency in those first moments, however, is crucial. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn during children and baby first aid training.

  • The correct treatments for different types of choking

Choking is one of the most common emergencies concerning young children and babies. We’ll teach you how to clear your child’s airways to keep him or her safe until help arrives. We’ll also explore the different types of choking and the correct treatments for each one.

  • Baby first aid training

It’s important to know the differences involved in administering first aid to a baby or an older child. After completing our course, you’ll know how to treat your baby without doing more harm than good.

  • Common household emergencies

Our three-hour course teaches you how to apply first aid when you’re facing common emergencies concerning children, including burns, drowning, fractures, poisoning, bleeding, and choking, ensuring you’re prepared to act in any situation.

  • What NOT to do in an emergency

It’s crucial to learn which outdated treatments are no longer recommended by professionals. Thanks to the ever-advancing healthcare industry, we now know which first aid treatments can harm rather than help children.

Learn More about First Aid Training for Children

We sincerely hope you never have to administer first aid training to a child or baby. Nevertheless, gaining the skills to respond to emergencies could prove crucial, which is why all of our course instructors are qualified paramedics. We’ve already helped more than 50,000 people learn the fundamentals of first aid for children, and we can do the same for you. If you can’t attend a course in person, our online resources are the perfect solution.

To learn more about first aid training for children, call us on 1300 138 133. Read our FAQ page for more in-depth information about the services we offer.