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Kids First Aid Offers Newborn and Infant First Aid Course in Perth

If you have any contact with an infant as a parent, family member or caregiver, then you should consider taking a newborn first aid course. Taking care of a baby is exceptionally rewarding as you watch the child hit new milestones and grow. However, when there is something wrong with your infant, it can be tough to determine what the problem is because of their lack of verbal communication.

The infant first aid course at Kids First Aid teaches you the signs to look out for if you suspect there is an issue. Our experienced professionals supply you with the steps you need to take that could save a child’s life.

Why Should You Take a Newborn First Aid Course?

When watching a newborn, a leading concern of a caregiver is providing the baby with a safe environment. In the early months, infants are not mobile, but that does not mean that they are never in danger. Accidents can always happen. A common occurrence with a growing baby is rolling off a couch. You may lay your infant down for just a moment to grab something off the table, and suddenly they make a quick movement that you cannot stop. Our newborn first aid course teaches you the signs you should look for to determine if your child is seriously hurt and how to provide care for the baby until emergency personnel can get to your location.

Another critical element of our infant first aid course in Perth is proper CPR technique if the baby is choking. When most people think of CPR, they mistakenly think of the Heimlich manoeuvre which requires a standing position and wrapping your arms around the person that is choking and applying thrusts to force out the obstruction. This is not an option for newborns. Another common misconception is the technique for adult CPR, and infant CPR is identical. A baby’s respiratory system is not advanced enough to sustain the impact associated with the adult form of CPR. If you tried this approach, you would undoubtedly cause more harm to the baby. Our infant first aid course teaches you the correct method to perform this vital movement.

One of the goals of taking a first aid class is to prevent a situation from becoming worse. When an emergency happens, it is always important to call trained professionals quickly, but the reality is there are vital steps that you can take immediately.

Life-Saving Skills

It can be extremely challenging to stay calm when an emergency happens that involves a baby. Our infant first aid course in Perth teaches you the skills you need to assess the situation and how to react to what is going on while help is on the way. The class covers how you should respond to incidents involving allergies, bleeding, and fevers.

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