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The Importance of First Aid Training and Where to Find a Paediatric First Aid Training Course

If you have or work with children, it’s essential to know how to respond in an emergency. Many people don’t take first aid courses for a variety of reasons: they can’t find the time, they don’t know where to find the right course, they believe their existing knowledge is sufficient, or they don’t think a serious accident will ever happen to them. However, anyone who has taken a first aid class will tell you that it was well worth it.

It’s imperative to have first aid knowledge, especially when you spend time around children. Here’s why.

It Helps Save Lives (But That’s Not All)

Having paediatric first aid training helps save lives. However, that’s not all it does: providing the correct first aid immediately after an incident can significantly reduce the severity of a person’s condition, shorten their recovery time, and keep them from developing a long-term disability. You’ll also learn how to stay calm in an emergency as well as easy acronyms to allow you to recall the appropriate steps to take quickly. First aid training also gives you the confidence you need to feel comfortable and be effective in a range of situations and environments.

It Will Teach You How to Keep the Situation from Worsening

In certain situations, a child who does not receive the right care immediately will deteriorate rapidly. When you take a paediatric first aid course, you’ll learn the basic skills you need to stabilise a patient until the paramedics arrive. You’ll learn helpful tricks such as using household items as tools when there is no available first aid kit. Another important thing you’ll learn is how to collect data about a patient’s condition and how the incident occurred–information that emergency services personnel will need to access to help them provide the best care possible.

It Promotes Safe and Healthy Living

One of the most important things you’ll learn in your paediatric first aid training is that you must take care of yourself first and make your own safety your top priority. That’s because if you aren’t safe, you will require help yourself instead of being able to help others.

You’ll learn about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices and how good habits can affect your health. Knowing these things can make you more aware of your health as well as potential hazards in your surroundings, putting you in the best possible position to respond in an emergency.

Where to Find a Paediatric First Aid Course

If you’re ready to take the first step toward learning how to respond in an emergency involving children, Kids First Aid can help. For over ten years and across major cities in Australia, we have been offering paediatric first aid courses for parents, teachers, daycare workers, and anyone who spends time around children and needs to be prepared to respond to accidents and other emergencies.

Our courses are taught by paramedics, professionals who have firsthand experience responding to emergencies—they are better equipped than anyone to teach you what to expect when you find yourself at the scene of an accident or emergency. For more information or to schedule your course, contact Kids First Aid today.