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If your child were to start choking right now, would you know how to save his or her life? How about if your child suffered a bite or sting from a venomous spider or snake, or if he or she ingested a poisonous substance? Every parent knows to pick up the phone and dial Triple Zero in the case of an emergency, but the fact is that you probably don’t live right next door to the hospital. At best, you won’t have a paramedic at your home for 5-10 minutes, and by that point, it might be too late. At Kids First Aid, we offer private first aid courses to parents, caregivers and family members throughout Australia. With our help, you can make the most of those 5-10 minutes and use them to save your child’s life.

How Our Private First Aid Training Teaches You What You Need to Know

We know what you are probably thinking, because we’ve heard it from customers in the past. ‘I’m not a paramedic’ is a common refrain; so is ‘It will take me years to learn the first aid skills I need to react in an emergency.’ In reality, anyone can learn lifesaving first aid and those lessons can happen faster than you think. Sure, it takes years to become a paramedic. However, to determine the basic skills necessary to react to dire medical emergencies (choking, poisoning, severe allergic reactions, etc.), you simply need a few hours with an experienced medical practitioner. The same goes for learning how to tend to severe injuries (burns, fractures, deep cuts) until a paramedic arrives.

At Kids First Aid, our private first aid courses are the perfect opportunity to learn these skills. We provide first aid training at homes throughout Australia, mostly in capital cities. These courses are private and can be taught on an individual basis or delivered to groups. Either way, each course is three hours long and features an intensive structure focused on a wide range of life-threatening scenarios and the appropriate responses to each. Our courses are taught by paramedics, who have seen emergencies firsthand and know how to react to them. Each course provides tips for recognising emergencies, tactics and manoeuvres for savings lives (such as CPR and the Heimlich manoeuvre) and recommendations for first aid supplies that you should have in the house.

At the end of our private first aid training, you will have the knowledge, ability and confidence to act if or when an emergency strikes. Seeing your child in distress or mortal peril can be enough to paralyse any parent with fear. However, most parents find that, when they know what to do in an emergency, they are far more likely to keep their wits about them and take productive life-saving steps.

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With Kids First Aid and our first aid training at homes, it’s easy to learn the skills you need to take proper care of a child. Whether you are a new parent, a babysitter or a family member who gets asked sometimes to look after a sibling or cousin’s child, these skills are vital to have. Contact us today to schedule your private first aid course.