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Be Prepared for an Emergency with Toddler First Aid Training Courses

It’s no exaggeration to say that as a parent or caretaker of a toddler, keeping them safe from harm is the most important goal. In the event of an emergency, do you know what to do? Even the best instincts to call for an ambulance immediately aren’t enough when it comes to those critical few minutes between the call and when the paramedics arrive in the ambulance.

Fortunately, Kids First Aid offers a toddler first aid course that prepares you to manage those minutes in a way that will give your toddler the best care and chances in a dangerous situation. The fortunate reality is that there is a proper way to approach emergencies, and you can prepare for them. Let us give you training for a situation that hopefully never arises, but if the worst happens, you will be thankful you’re ready.

Receive Toddler First Aid Training from the Professionals You Count on in Emergencies

We insist on the highest standards when it comes to our staff. Every one of our presenters is a highly-trained and experienced paramedic. With their combined greater-than-30 years of experience and training, they have been involved in virtually every emergency scenario, unfortunately involving toddlers in many instances. One of the things that we’ve learned through this firsthand experience is that, sadly, most parents lack the basic first aid knowledge to help their toddlers when they’re in the most vulnerable situation.

As it’s our mission to prepare you to deal with anything that can threaten your toddler, here are some topics we cover during our toddler first aid training courses:

  • Lifesaving Procedures – We train you on how to administer procedures that are specific to toddlers properly. Even if you’ve had training on how to apply first aid to adults, the process is different for infants and toddlers, so it’s important to know how to approach CPR, burn care, choking assistance, and drowning threats without risking additional harm to your child.
  • Identifying Threats – Through the courses, you will learn how to spot the difference between allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, reactions to poison or toxins, and hazardous infections such as meningococcal reactions. Knowing how to identify and respond to these diverse threats in the critical first few minutes will save lives.
  • First Aid – Even situations that aren’t life-threatening demand an appropriate response. Learn how to provide basic care for burns, bites and stings, fits and fevers, and fractures and bleeding. You’ll learn what materials to keep on hand and how to properly administer them in a first aid setting with this course.

Rely on Kids First Aid to Train You How to Handle Those Critical Few Minutes

Our mission is simply to help you keep your child safe, happy, and healthy. Once you call Triple Zero, you’ll be able to set down the phone, rush to your toddler, and immediately begin the correct treatment until the ambulance arrives. Let our team train you how to take the right toddler first aid with our comprehensive three-hour workshop. Contact us now to find out more and schedule your training course.